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Receive Response form LOKE接收响应形式洛克双语对照例句:1.He can calmly do like ask capabilities, until the woman is excited, and then slowly intothe response form, can restrain premature ejaculation. 男方就能沉着地竭尽喜欢抚之能事,待到女方兴奋时,再徐缓地进入反响形态,可按捺早泄.

ear n.(稻麦等的)穗 earnings n.工资,收入;收益 earthenware n.陶器 eastward a.&ad.向东的,向东 elevate vt.提高(思想);抬高 elevation n.高度;标高;隆肿 elliptical a.椭圆的;省略的 eloquence n.雄辩;口才,修辞 embarrass vt.使

青少年可译为teenager,先问一下,你想表达的是「春梦」的哪层意思.其一,若比喻世事无常,转眼成空的话,译作spring dream,transient joy都可.其二,当然若和赤裸裸的性体验或性行为相关的那种,erotic dream更妥.最近读的原版小说

Heaven and earth moving mountains, in troubled times, the story is not enough; Preexistence resentment, accept the bad; Warring States period occurred in the romantic adventure story -- Quanyecha! ! Have a semi-strong force in order to become

1 each pron.各,各自 a.各 2 eager a.渴望的,热切的 3 eagerly adv. 渴望地;热切地;急切地;热心地 4 eagerness n. 热心 5 eagle n.鹰 6 eaglet n. 小鹰 7 ear n.耳朵;听力,听觉 8 earl n. 伯爵 9 earldom n. 伯爵的身分 10 early adv.早 11 earmark

DEAR ELLEN, it begins:-- I came last night to Wuthering Heights, and heard, for the first time, that Catherine has been, and is yet, very ill. I must not write to her, I suppose, and my brother is either too angry or too distressed to answer what I sent him.

sex/ seks; sks/ n (a) [U] condition of being male or female; gender 性别; 性: differences of sex 性的区别 * What sex is your dog? 你的狗是公的还是母的? * Everyone is welcome, regardless of age or sex. 欢迎大家, 无论男女老幼一律欢迎.

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