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weaken是动词 那个只是过去时态vt. 减少;使变弱;使变淡vi. 变弱;畏缩;变软弱 weak是一个表示状态的词 weaken是使XXX变的如何 让XXX变得如何

weakened 是weaken的过去式和过去分词weaken 英 ['wik()n]美 ['wikn]vt. 减少;使变弱;使变淡vi. 变弱;畏缩;变软弱ed 在清辅音 [p][t][k][f][s][h]等后读[ t ]ed 在浊辅音 [d][g][v][z][r][m][n]等后及元音后读[d]因为weakened的ed前为浊辅音[n],所以ed发[d]音.所以 weakened 的读音为英 ['wik()nd]美 ['wiknd]

n. 1. 紧握,紧抓, 抓牢2. 掌握, 控制3. 理解力, 控制力,影响力4. 握法, 手法5. 发夹; 把手6. 理解,了解;不打滑,走得稳;把手,手柄,握杆;(拍摄电影时)摄影机和照明设备管理人员;旅行袋,手提包vt. & vi. 1. 紧握, 抓紧2. 吸引,

意为:我认为这里有一个可能只有五台电脑的商场重点单词:marketmarket 英[m:kt] 美[m:rkt] n. 交易; 市集; 需求; 交易情况,行情; vt. 在市场上出售某物; 推销; vi. 去市场买东西; [例句]The euro and many emerging market currencies have weakened.欧元和许多新兴市场货币都已有所走弱.

First, illness means an unhealthy condition of body or mind.For the word sickness, it means a disordered, weakened and unsound condition; a specific disease. Finally, ailment means a bodily disorder or chronic disease. It means light and slight disease. 不太确定= ="

It was the last day of the final examination in a large eastern university.On the steps of The years have weakened the name of the professor,but not the lessons he taught.

the ability to wirk with and lead others is weakened when we lose的能力,工作和带领他人被削弱时,我们失去了(当我们失败的时候,我们的合作能力与领导能力都被削弱了)例句:America is in the lead,we\'ll stay

could be most weakened by the narrow inner part of my grandmother's house我的灵感可能被我奶奶屋子里狭小的空间所减弱 seemed no less sensitive to the darkness对于黑暗的感觉似乎没有减少My mother, accustomed to the bright, spacious farmhouse我的妈妈习惯了住在宽敞明亮的农家大院

不可以.“身体健壮”:body is strong“身体虚弱”:body is weak“身体状况被削弱”:body is weakened它们都不能用来形容muscle,有big muscle(大肌肉,指体积),有great muscle(医学名词,不懂意思).好像没有词来形容muscle健壮的,它的变形muscular就是“肌肉健壮的”.所以用muscular就可以了.

The battle was followed by a terrible storm. Therefore, it wasn't until October 26 that 52 for the victory was weakened by widespread sorrow the 53 of Nelson. As one poet

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