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你好,十个句子如下:I can cook food.我可以煮食物I can wash the dishes.我可以洗碗I can wash clothes.我可以洗衣服.I can clean my room.我可以打扫我的房间I can sweep the floor.我可以扫地 我可以倒垃圾,I can take out the trash.我可以整理衣服 I can arrange my clothes我可以 收拾桌子 I can clean the table.我可以洗杯子 I can wash the cups.我可以拖地 I can mop the floor.

The mouse ran up the clock.

help sb to do sth =help sb do sth ,帮某人做某事,can't help sb doing sth .禁不住做某事

Did you wash the dishes?Did you clean the room?再看看别人怎么说的.

你好,可造句为:Please make him dressed himself.意思:请让他自己穿衣服吧.满意请速速采纳,谢谢合作!

1. The Opposition parties made (political) capital out of the disagreements within the Cabinet.2. You can't make something out of nothing.

Mom ask me to do my homewok.Mom ask me to run 400 meters.Mom ask me to feed the fish.Mom ask me to cut the grass.Mom ask me to make the bed.Mom ask me to clean my room.Mom ask me to sweep the floor.Mom ask me to wash the dishes.Mom ask me to turn off the light.Mom ask me to ……

主语+help+sb.+to do sth. I help him to clean his rome.初一一枚

I should do my homework right now 我应当马上做作业了 you ought to wash the dishes by yourself 你应当自己洗衣服了

I help him mend his bike.help sb do sth 指和sb一起帮助某人做某事 指和sb一起帮助sb做某事

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