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rocking vibration 网络释义专业释义 平面摇摆振动 不对称伸缩振动 asymmetrical stre 剪式振动 scissoring vibration 平面摇摆振动rocking vibration 非平面摇摆振动 wagging vibration 基于25个网页-相关网页 摇摆振动 面内摇摆振动 摇摆振动

people to dog to中文意思:人们对够例句Some people even consider their dog to be a part of their family.一些人甚至将狗作为家庭的一份子.It is so important for people to realize that a wagging tail does not equal a dog that is friendly or wants to

The postman usually put(改puts) the newspaper at the door.. One morning when(去掉when) I opened the door to get the newspaper and was so surprising(改surprised) to see a strange little dog with our paper in his mouth. So pleasing(

有点象定语从句,~如果你这样问的话,这个句子应该不是状语从句! 其实英语语法不重要的,会交际就行~

Swag的感觉可以让你总是保持昂首阔步的态度表现出”酷” “自信” “有型” “有自己的风格”的意思.swag是一种由自身的信心,文化,风格,和风度带出的感觉.可以翻译成厉害,帅爆,我就是潮流、有腔调等多种语境.拓展知识:1、

陌生的尊严 疏远的尊严In every work of genius we recognize our own rejected thoughts: they come back to us with a certain alienated majesty.我们从每部巨著中寻回早被我们抛弃的想法:带着我们所陌生的尊严回来了.

Waging 发动意思for有为了什么的意思Waging For为了而发动比如He waging the war for

beauty of nature美丽的大自然,自然美网络释义自然美心理学专业英语词汇(B) beauty of mind 心灵美 beauty of nature 自然美 beauty of neutrality 中和美 短语The Beauty of Nature 自然之美 ; 自然美 ; 观察美丽的大自然 ; 自然之美


简明英汉词典 tail [teil] n. 尾, 尾巴 A dog reacts to kindness by wagging its tail. 狗摇尾巴以报答人们的爱护. 尾部, 尾状物 The tail won't come off the toy plane; it's fixed on with nails. 玩具飞机的机尾不会掉下来, 它是用钉子钉住的. 尾随

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