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Learning English 做 from 的介词宾语.



with the development of the society, english has become more and more important in our daily life. so many students spend more and more time in learning english. but they may have met some difficulties, for example, they find listening is too

你好!from VOA learning English从美国之音英语学习

How I learn English Learning English is a long time to do.The fact is, if you want to learn English very well, you need change your life. There are my some ways to learn English as following: 1.Read a book in English for an hour every day, analyzing

2014-4-6From VOA Learning English, welcome to This is America. I'm Steve Ember. April is National Poetry Month, and this week, Kelly Jean Kelly brings us some of the poems that Americans like best. Come along with us, on a journey through


http://news.iciba.com/1754/index.html 去这里下载吧,VOA,BBC都有的,而且还有其它很多好的听力材料,绝对适合学习 这里可以在线听啊,而且含有文本

Longer School Day = More Learning? Not Necessarily Researchers say teachers must be trained to use added time in the classroom effectively. Transcript of radio broadcast: 19 September 2007 This is the VOA Special English Education

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