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utterly [tli] adv.全然; 完全地; 彻底地 I am utterly puzzled what to do with it.我全然不知道该如何处置它.totally [tt()li] adv.完全地,整全地 There remains large areas

utterly 英['tli:] 美[tli]adv. 十分; 全然,完全地; 彻底地,绝对的; 十足地;例句:Everything about the country seemed utterlydifferent from what I'd experienced before.这个国家的一切似乎与我以前的经历完全不同.【其他表示“完

utterly 副词,完全地,全部地,全然地;可表具体含义---完全,全部through介词,副词,形容词;throughly(古) 副词 十分地,彻底地;可表抽象含义---完全,全部例:1.The town is entirely(or totally,completely,utterlydestroyed. He fully(or thoroughly,quite)understands her.I fairly(or clean) forget

utterly美 ['trli]英 ['t(r)li]adv.全然地;绝对地 完全地;彻底地;净尽例句筛选1.It may have been a good idea, but it was utterly impractical.它可能是个好创意,但是完全不实用.2.That seems to be utterly impossible, or it might be a fancy of your own.那似乎根本不可能,要么它只是你自己的一种幻想.

depressed [英][dprest][美][dprst] adj.情绪低落的,沮丧的;萧条的;下陷的,低的;中间凹下的 v.压下(depress的过去式和过去分词);使愁苦;降低(价格);使跌价 双语例句1.She felt very depressed about the future.她感到前途

utterly 英['tli:] 美[tli] adv. 十分; 全然,完全地; 彻底地,绝对的; 十足地;

副词 adv.1.全然;完全地;彻底地;十足地 I am utterly puzzled what to do with it.我全然不知道该如何处置它.


fantastic形容词 a. 1.想像中的,想像出来的2.奇异的;古怪的 She had some fantastic idea that I was poisoning her. 她有种稀奇古怪的念头,认为我要毒死她. 3.(计划等)不现实的;荒唐的;荒诞的 Your proposal is utterly fantastic. 你的建议一

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