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tragediesn.悲剧; 惨事,灾难( tragedy的名词复数 ); 双语例句1The tragedies of their off-stage lives他们台下的悲剧

悲剧 名词 n. 1. 悲剧体裁[U] Tragedy is a type of literature that involves death, suffering or disaster. 悲剧作品是文学的一种,内容常涉及死亡,不幸和灾难. 2. (一出)悲剧[C] Shakespeare's Hamlet is one of the best known tragedies. 莎士比亚的《哈姆雷特》是最有名的悲剧之一. 3. 悲剧性事件;惨案;灾难[C][U] The traffic accident is really a tragedy. 这次车祸真是个悲剧. 4. 悲剧因素[U]


Tragedy Night悲剧的夜晚tragedy[英]['trdd][美][trddi]n.悲剧,惨剧; 悲剧文学; 悲剧理论,悲剧表演艺术; 悲剧式作品; 复数:tragedies例句:1.The ongoing disaster in japan is an unprecedented human tragedy. 在日本持续发生的灾难是一场史无前例的人类悲剧.


1、lose one's heart 是“爱上了”的意思,需要用介词to说明爱的对象,如: jim lost his heart to the persian cat at first sight. (jim一看见那只波斯猫就喜欢得不得了.) 2、lose heart 却表示“丧失信心”或“情绪低落”,例如: don't lose heart;



There are all kinds of transportations, such as, by plane, car, bus, ship, subway and so on. My favourity transportation is bike because I think it's a good way of exercise as well. There is a special

About ten years ago, a student in California shot many students at school; it is world it happens now and then, in China, there are also school tragedies. The most famous is

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