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都可以 后者适用于非常正式的文体表示第一,第二.意思一想.但,First,.Second,… .Third用得多些,而:首先 first of all,第二步:secondly ,然后:and then接下来next最后finally更好一点.

third 序数词,表示第三 thirdly adv. 第三 [例句]thirdly , it tells us something about the market.第三,这告诉了我们有关市场的一些情况.

third后面一般加名词,比如说the third apple,但是thirdly是个副词,后面是不可以接名词的,它一般用在举例之中,比如说.Firstly.secondlythirdly..

不可以用firstly,secondly,thirdly,lastly等来代替initially:是指最初previously: 是指之前simulaneously: 是指同时subsequently: 是指后来eventually:是指逐渐是副词

I learn english for in modern society,english become more and more important.there are two points on this.one is that we should work hard to learning english well in order to

thirdly[英][θ:dli][美][θ:rdli]adv.第三; First of all, there are not many of them, and secondly, they have little money and, thirdly, they have few big businesses. 首先,他们人数不多;第二,他们钱很少;第三,他们没有几家大企业.

How do i learn English I have been study English for 5 years,and I really love it.I get the champion of the school's English speaking contest last week.I study English by reading English magazines.I think that memorizing the words of magazines is

think it is important for everyone to learn English well.我认为学习英语对于每个人而言 其次,如果你能说英语你能交到很多朋友.那会带给你更多的乐趣Thirdly,you can get

奉贤精锐英语邵老师为你Recently,there's a heated debate whether English is too them in their own language.Thirdly,with the development of China,we are expected to

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