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principle - 道德原则;行为准则;规范, 法则;原则;原理, 观念;(行动、思想的)理由,信条, 定律;工作原理

principle prin.ci.ple[`prInspl; prinspl]《源自拉丁文“最初”的意思》名词1 (C)a. (事所依据之根本) 原理,原则; (自然、逻辑等的) 法则,公理first ~s第一原理,本原the ~ of causality因果律the ~s of economics经济学原理b. <…的>原

the first principle第一原则By doing so he exercises the first principle of the Imagist poetic principles.因此,他的译文中充斥着意象,由此实践了意象派诗歌创作原理的第一条.

the first principlena.本体网络第一原理;第一性原理;第一原则The first principle of Schelling's early philosophy was identity principle bywhich he created his philosophy of identity.按照这个原则,他构造了自己的同一哲学.The first principle is


单词相似意不同:principal / principle principal / principleprincipal: adjective meaning 'the most important'principal:形容词,意思是“最重要的”Example 0 principal / principle principal: adjective meaning 'the most important' principal:形容词,

The Grice thinks that in the language social intercourse the process, social intercourse both parties have to cooperate, following four standards of[with]"cooperation principle", in the most direct way, the tallest efficiency carry on social intercourse

principle 1.原则;原理[C]I take this seriously. It's a matter of principle. 我对此很认真.这是原则问题. 2.主义;信条[C]3.(机器等的)原理;构造;工作方式[C]The two machines work on the same principle. 这两部机器的工作原理是一样的. 4.道

Maybe the film want to show the against of authority. The first sentence of Mr. Slade "the cradle of leaders" and the young guy Charlie maybe not satisified with the arrangement of the leaders stand on the plantform, he should has his own principle

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