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speculate 英[spekjulet] 美[spkjlet] vt. 思索,猜测,推测; vi. 推测; 投机; 思索; [例句]Critics of the project speculate about how many hospitals could be built instead 对该项目持批评态度的人在推测如果改作他用不知可以建多少所医院.[其他] 第三人称单数:speculates 现在分词:speculating 过去式:speculated过去分词:speculated

Speculate,指的是因你没有足够的资料提供,因此你唯有猜测的动作.中文就是猜想,沉思的意思.例如:“Scientist spend all day speculating the mechanism of the electron"Think则是想,你的想法,但不一定是猜测.例如I think that you must have been confused with the difference between the verb " speculate" and " think"

speculate ['spekjuleit] vi. 推测;思索;投机vt. 推断[ 过去式speculated 过去分词speculated 现在分词speculating ]

speculate是推测,一般是有理论依据且有个过程的.例: to speculate upon the origin of the universe 推究宇宙的起源guess则是凭空的猜想,但是不排除这样的猜想也会有些现实的依据的.例: to guess whether he likes me 猜一下他是否喜欢我(这里可以根据他平时的语言和行为猜测,但结果不一定准确)

speculatingv.思索,猜测,推测( speculate的现在分词 ); 投机; 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.The plan would stop commercial banks speculating for their own accounts. 这项计划将阻止商业银行为自身利益从事投机活动.

speculate 推测,推算,沉思,思索This is the method that we have been speculating about.这正是我们一直在思考的方法.No one can speculate on what he's thinking about.没人知道他在想什么guess 猜测、猜中、想、认为He guessed the answer to the teacher's question.他猜测老师问题的答案.I guess it's going to rain.我想天快要下雨了.guess更加口语化,突出的是猜,speculate 更突出推测,推理,还有思考的意思


reader英[ri:d(r)]美[rid]n.读本; 读者,朗读者; 讲读者,讲师; 审稿人例句The reader can speculate what will happen next.读者可以推测下一步会发生什么事.

speculate on[英][spekjuleit n][美][spkjlet n]v.考虑,推测; 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.Army officials said it was too early to speculate on any motive. 军队官方称,目前推测凶手的行凶动机还为时过早

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