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soliciting v.征求; 恳求( solicit的现在分词 ); (指娼妇)拉客; 索求 请求 形近词:solicitant1 The CAAC may handle it after soliciting the opinion of the RABCA where the civil aviation enterprise is located.民航总局征求联合重组改制企业所在

没有这个单词,您要找的是不是:volt n. 伏特(电压单位);[马术]环骑;[剑术]闪避 volt 英 [vlt; vlt] 美 [volt] n. 伏特(电压单位);环骑;闪避 n. (Volt)人名;(捷)沃尔特 [例句]Suppose we connect a volt meter across a dry cell.假定我们在干电池两端接上伏特计.[其他] 复数:volts

solicit means 拉客. When you walk by for example the bar street in Shanghai or Beijing, they are solicitors to solicit you to go in for a drink.There are 2 kinds of lawyers in the common law system: solicitors and barristers. Barristers can defend you at

make a point of doing sth. 重视做某事.为了实现四个现代化,我们要重视学习其他国家的先进科学和技术. 其它例子:I knew her well, and I make a point of drinking a glass of sherry with a couple of eggs beaten up in it before I come.我很了解她

PICC 中国人民保险集团公司 citigroup (美国) 花旗集团 reinsurer 分保接受人, 再保险人 ginkgo 【植】银杏 DTZ aromatics groves cuppa 一杯茶;一杯 soliciting secessionist 脱离论者;分离主义者;脱离派的人 shunned outflow 流出;流出物 affixed


non-competition and non-solicitation 非竞争和非招揽 non-competition and non-solicitation 非竞争和非招揽

commission house .委托交易行 佣金行;经纪行;代办行例句筛选1.A person employed by, and soliciting business for, a commission house orfutures commission merchant.证券经纪公司或期货经纪商雇用或咨询的人.2.As the result he had been given an excellent job in a commission-house.结果一家商行给了他一份薪津优厚的工作.

英['prsttju:t] 美[prsttut, -tjut] .n. 卖淫者,妓女;男妓;卖身投靠的人;出卖贞操的人 vt. 使卖淫,卖身;出卖(名誉等);滥用(能力等);卖淫,卖身 adj. 卖淫的,堕落的 [例句]Another time , I interviewed a young homeless prostitute.还有一次,我采访了一位无家可归的年轻妓女.

1.3 Training and Learning Training is essentially a learning process. To train employees, therefore, it is useful to know something about how people learn. Some suggestions based on learning theory follow. First, it is easier for trainees to

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