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shackle 是手铐的2113意思5261 当动词表示束4102缚 用手铐1653拷起来版shackled 是它的权过去式 He is too young to shackle himself with the responsibilities of a family.

unshacklingv.释放( unshackle的现在分词 )

hinder, hamper, impede, obstruct, block, dam, bar These verbs mean to slow or prevent progress or movement. To 这些动词的意思是使进程、动作变得缓慢或困难.hinder is to hold back, as by delaying: Hinder 的意思是通过延迟的方法加以妨碍


"tied过去时态 it down " = tie 现在时态 [someone,sometrhing] down= "to limit one's freedom" 同义词 = restrict,inhibit,constrain,cramp,shackle 例:1.We'd agreed from the beginning not to tie each other down.限制/拘束2.Her work tied her down.束缚(她的自由)

brass cylinder,2pcs brass key,hardened steel shackle中文是什么意思 答: 详情>> 2 brass材质的项链怎么样?好处和坏处~ 回答 2 3 维也纳Brass Monkey值得去吗? 回答 2 4 西雅图Brass Tacks怎么样?

spare kenter shackle备用锚链卸扣

Don't mess in mind, not trapped in love, don't read the past, not afraid of the future. ”不乱于心,不困于情,不念过往,不畏将来“出自哪里?网传出自丰子恺 《不宠无惊过一生》.有二个版本,真伪尚未证实. 版本1: 不乱于心,不困于情.

In my point of view,the advantages of traveling alone is freedom and flexibility.You can see what you want,when you want it.The freedom of journeying alone makes everything

艺术家:韩伯健 专辑名称:《Wendy 2017》 风格:indie music(独立音乐) dark wave(暗潮) low key(低调) 专辑长度:45分48秒 曲目: 1.Blend syren(2:13) 2.Night(4:24) 3.Honey mattoid(5:00) 4.When i was(2:48) 5.Tears from the camel

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