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意思是寄送,派遣,送 send sb. sth. send sth. to sb. 意思是送某物给某人.send for 派人去请

①send sb to sth ②send sth. to sb.③send sb sthsend 及物动词 vt.1.发送,寄[O1][O2][(+to)] She sent me a Christmas card.她给我寄来一张圣诞贺卡.Please have this note sent to Mr. Harrison.请派人把这张条子送给哈里森先生.You'd better send

send sth. to sb.给某人送某物

send sth to sb 寄某样东西给某人!祝生活愉快!

by sending, 介词后面一定是名词(或动名词)

send 【out 】programmes 发送节目(信号)祝你开心.

look into调查 look for 寻找 look up 查找 look out (for) 留神 或注意 look in 顺便看望,顺便访问 look back 回顾 回想 look after照顾 目送 负责处理 look forward to 盼望 look at 看着 look to依赖 look up to尊敬 look into 往里看,调查或检查 look like像,

regret n. v. 可惜.后悔.惋惜 [用法]regret作名词.经常与at.about.over等介词连用.例如: (1)I felt regret at her absence. 她没来让我好失望. (2) We heard with regret that you were not successful in your plan. 听到你的计划不能顺利进行.我们觉得很

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