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roll up 有arrive at a location 的用法.可以理解成欢迎踊跃参加,来吧,..的意思,



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no u cantroll up is what u mean hereif u just use 'roll', there will be confounding of what excatly u mean

roll up在财务会计里,怎么翻译呀? It should not be in financial accounting, but in controlling.rollup is roll up, that is mens roll value from low level to higher level.

Rollup():分组函数可以理解为group by的精简模式,具体分组模式如下:Rollup(a,b,c): (a,b,c),(a,b),(a),(全表) Oracle ROLLUP和CUBE 用法 Oracle的GROUP BY语句除了最基本的语法外,还支持ROLLUP和CUBE语句.如果是Group by

roll up one's sleeves 准备战斗,准备大干; 例句:1.To give up one's habits, to break free of the arcs, is to trade in one's expertise. 为了放弃一个人的习惯,打破弧形运动轨迹的自由存在,就是换取一个人新的专长.2.So how is it no one's picked up on this before us? 之前怎么没有给我们提个醒呢?

一、roll up your sleeves的意思是:卷起你的袖子.二、roll up的用法:1.wrap up 包起来He rolled himself up in a blanket.他用毯子把自己裹了起来.2.accumulate;collect;increase积累;增加Thrift and diligence make him roll up a fortune.勤俭使他积

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