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静寂之声 采纳我哟!


The Sound Of Silence原唱:Simon & GarfunkelHello darkness my old friend I've come to talk with you again Because a vision softly creeping Left its seeds while I was sleeping And the vision that was planted In my brain still remains Within the

90年中期以后,当金属摇滚走入了新的世代后,接连出现Korn、Linkin Park、Limp Bizkit等团,无不是挥舞着Nu-Metal旗帜,将Metal乐带入另一波的高潮!但是放眼望去居于此挂的乐团,几乎清一色皆来自美国,现在要向大家介绍这组完完全

艾瑞儿(Ariel) 解释:沙龙 名词解释:瞪羚(主要产于阿拉伯等地的一种大眼羚羊) 这是用在人名的解释: Ariel(希伯来),上帝的母狮子.母狮子,才不呢?要是这个意思的话,我想女孩子不会用它作为自己的名字吧.Ariel真正的意思:有著更柔美的形象,纤细,美丽,公主般的女孩,聪明而羞涩.

《The Sound of Silence》这首歌基本上含盖了两个主题,一为抨击资本主义的拜金主义,二为人际之间的疏离(alienation)与冷漠(apathy)造成了人类丧失了沟通的能力,其实这两个主题是互为因果的.《The Sound of Silence》的作者看见

you are see的中文翻译你看到的双语例句1When you are ill, see the doctor as soon as possible. 有病要及早治.2You are to see that the family of Ahab your master is cut off, so that I may take fromJezebel payment for the blood of my servants the

The Sound of Silence 寂静之声 Hello darkness, my old friend 你好 黑暗 我的老朋友 I've come to talk with you again 我又来和你交谈 Because a vision softly creeping 因为有一种幻觉正向悄悄地向我袭来 Left its seeds while I was sleeping 在我熟睡

歌曲名:Mess歌手:X-Prophets专辑:Freak ShowB.Reith - MessSomebody get me out this mess I'm inSee I've been tryin' to do the best I canBut I keep on stumblin' over and over againI ain't got no more excuses for yaAll that I can say is

歌曲名:Revival 歌手:Skurj 专辑:Flatline 珞珈山梦境联盟 我们的领地:66032164 An eye for an eye.A tear for a tear.A lie for a lie.The weak dress in hatred to hide their fear.We cling to symbols for our mind - hour by hour we're losing us.

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