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No one could preserve him from such a fate. He deserved that.没有人能拯救他的生命,他罪有应得.Ancient Egyptians knew of means to preserve dead bodies from' decay.古埃及人知道如何保存尸体以防腐坏.

preserve sb from使某人不去做某事 protect sb from 保护某人不受伤害

We should preserve rare animals and plants for the next generation.为了下一代,我们应该保护野生动植物.


No pain,no gain.After job training,they gain experience and serve in positions with increasing responsibility.We urge our classmates to push on because the opportunity to obtain results hasnever been


一句过去式,现在式,将来时 将来时:I am going to visit my friend.过去式:I visited my friend yesterday.现在式:I am visiting my friend.

there is a castle.

And Vladimir Putin paid a visit to a Russian wildlife preserve. 普京访问了一家俄罗斯野生动物保护区.

I'm on a visit to Xi'an.I'm on a visit to my aunt.

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