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[pust ':fis]

pou s te o fei s

which is the way to the post office 那一条是通往邮局的路

excuse me.can you tell me where the post office is?it's(over)here..(how)can i(go)there?you can get there (by)bus.(which)bus? bus no.5.(where)is the bus stop?over there. thank you very much.that's(all)(right).(that's my pleasure.) 以前总说it's over there.

post ?office,谐音为:斯特 ?奥菲斯; bookstore,谐音为:布克思道. cinema,谐音为:sei 呢么; hospital,谐音为:号斯劈头. 回答完毕,顺祝学习进步!

英文原文:post office 英式音标:[pst] [fs] 美式音标:[post] [fs]

the post office翻译成中文是 :邮局the post office 网络 邮电局; 邮政局; [例句]She had just collected her pension from the post office她刚去邮局取了养老金.

谐音 pou 思特 凹飞思 温馨提示 pou 为汉语拼音的第四音 你的采纳 我的动力 希望我能继续帮助你

剖思特 奥费思

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