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Pollution As the world is getting more densely populated, pollution presents a severe problem. More people make more waste. All this waste is polluting our surroundings. Pollution has a bad influence on our life. The air is pollnted by the smoke and

1. 不可数名词 污染2. 其动词是pollute, 形容词polluted3. 常用短语 air pollution

Water Pollution With the development of industry, water pollution is becoming more serious now. With the development of industry, water pollution is becoming more serious now. The polluted water not only kills fish, it is also harmful to our health.

pollution 英[plu:n] 美[plun] n. 污染; (作用) 腐败; 堕落; 沾污; [例句]Cars cause pollution, both smog and acid rain.汽车造成的污染既有烟雾也有酸雨.[其他] 形近词: polluting pollutive

pollution和pollutant的区别是:含义不同、用法不同、侧重点不同.一、含义不同1.pollution 释义:n. 污染.2.pollutant 释义:n.污染物质.二、用法不同1.pollution 用法:强调因果关系,在句中仅作状语,修饰句中的一部分,与其他成分不用逗号隔开.2.pollutant 用法:引出造成后果的原因,在句中作表语、状语和定语.三、侧重点不同1.pollution侧重点:普通用词,含义广,语气强.多指反对一些较重大污染的物质,隐含其严重性.2.pollutant侧重点:主要用作形容词,多指工业造成的污染,指其他方面污染时,多用pollution.

Environment and PollutionI read a piece of news recently. It says that in Japan many businessmen are selling fresh air to customers, and now it is becoming more and more popular. Why? --Fresh air is getting less and less in Japan, and so it is in

Nowadays, environment pollution has become a matter of great concern in our society. As is shown in the first picture, the production of industry increased dramatically with large quantity of waste gas and polluted water emitted at the same time.

不为人们重视的光污染ENVIRONMENT REPORT - August 31, 2001: Light PollutionBy Mario Ritter(Start at 1'01" )This is Bill White with with the VOA Special English Environment Report. We usually think of (1)pollution as a harmful waste (2)

pollution的动词为:pollute;形容词为:pollutional.词汇解析:一、pollution英 [plu:n] 美 [plun] n.污染(作用);腐败;堕落;沾污例句:The fine was for the company's pollution of the air near its plants.公司被罚款是因为它的工厂

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