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on weekends和on the weekend的区别:1、on the weekend在周末, 就指某个周末2、on weekends指所有周末,每逢周末,强调味道更浓.拓展资料on weekends1、Jim gardened at the homes of friends on weekends.吉姆周末帮忙打理朋友家

boots [bu:ts] 英汉翻译 n. (英)擦靴的仆役;靴子(boot的复数)

plaster[英][pl:st(r)][美][plst(r)]n.灰泥,涂墙泥; 石膏; 膏药; vt.涂以灰泥; 在…上敷贴膏药; 减轻; 黏贴; 第三人称单数:plasters过去分词:plastered复数:plasters现在进行时:plastering过去式:plastered例句:1.I am plaster. Plaster of paris. 我是巴黎的普拉斯特.

high factor的中文翻译 high factor 高因子 双语例句 1 She plastered herself from head to toe in high factor sun lotion. 她给自己从头到脚都抹上了强效防晒露. 2 Parents are encouraged to apply a high factor sunscreen to their children before they

tiger plaster 虎膏 plaster [英][pl:st(r)][美][plst(r)] n.灰泥,涂墙泥; 石膏; 膏药; vt.涂以灰泥; 在…上敷贴膏药; 减轻; 黏贴; 第三人称单数:plasters过去分词:plastered复数:plasters现在进行时:plastering过去式:plastered 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. Want to keep your plaster pliable a bit longer to get it all smoothed out? 要保留你的石膏柔韧多一点的时间来把一切理顺吗?


这是个含有定语从句的复合句.he had just plastered 为定语从句,修饰the ceiling.The man sitting by the window is our English teacher.The book he bought yesterday cost him 28 yuan.主语从句试举一例:What he said at



boots n. 擦靴人; 长统靴( boot的名词复数 ); [品牌] 博姿; [网络] 布茨; 穿靴子的猫; 鞋; [例句]My hands, boots and trousers were plastered with mud.我的双手、靴子和裤子上都沾满了泥巴.[其他] 复数:boots

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