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paleness英 [pelns] 美 [pelns] n.苍白,暗淡,失色知网络苍白; 皮肤苍白; 形近词: haleness idleness maleness vileness数据来源:金山词道霸双语例句柯林斯词典英英释义百度内知道容1Symptoms are unusual paleness and tiredness. 症状是异常的苍白和疲劳.

the light of the dawn

什么结业钟声2这些谁死牛? Only the monstrous anger of the guns.只有滔天愤怒的枪. Only the stuttering rifles' rapid rattle只有口吃步枪快速脆裂 Can patter out 3 their hasty orisons. 4可以胡言乱语了3他们仓促orisons . 4 No mockeries 5 now


She always said for being deeper loneness, but aren't there a lot of folks around her? family, friendship, love--she doesn't never lack of such things. she took away more than half warmth from me since she left. What a good friend she used to be! I

Sacrifice感谢福州的月蚀乐队给我们带来如此动听的歌曲祝他们越走越好使福州这个摇滚沙漠地带能长出一片绿林支持本土的音乐旋律金属+死金so cold her tearssunlight she fearswithout view and voiceshe throws her soul into darknesslight

歌曲名:entombed by winter歌手:Forgotten Tomb专辑:songs to leaveObserve the snow under which i lie with empty eyesLosing life, remembrances of criesFrozen images of last sick daysThe forceless body hanged shows me ill-fated

谁苍白了我的等待,讽刺了我的执着Who pale I wait, ironic my persistence重点词汇释义苍白pale; pallor; pallid; wan; paleness等待wait; await; wait behind; wait for讽刺satire; sarcasm; satirize; mordacity执着over-absorption of mind (qigong dirigation); ideologism

晨曦morning light可选英文名男:cario,alex,antonio, joe, jack, johnny女:cherry, chris,sarah,lisa, linda, lina等

歌曲名:Not Built To Last歌手:Dark Tranquillity专辑:Haven (Reissue)Dark TranquillityNot Built To Lastmusic: Jivarp, Henriksson, Brandstromby fyongcuWhat comes as no surpriseTo a jaded mind no lessInsight comes from soothing graceLeft to

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