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赶鸭子上架,献丑了.the Einstein theory of gravitation, which explained how all former definitions of the space-time continuum by means of rigid measuring rods, watches, light rays, and paths of inert bodies might satisfy the laws of Euclidean

[图文] Over the summer, 18-years-old Roberto Mancera of Chandler wasn't looking forward to dances, football games or even his last year in high school.He was more excited about building a robot that will

诚信为本setting credibility and integrity as the essence of business,质量至上valuing quality over anything else

value 英 [vlju:] 美 [vlju] n.价值,价格;意义,涵义;重要性;(邮票的)面值 vt.评价;重视,看重;估价,给…定价 第三人称单数: values 复数: values 现在分词: valuing 过去式: valued 过去分词: valued1、The value of this work

Manchester United F.C. is a world-famous English football club. It is based at Old Trafford Football Ground, Trafford, Greater Manchester. Manchester United is one of the most successful football clubs in English football history, having won the FA

humble 2 个意思.一个和modest一样都是谦虚的,但还有一个是简陋的,地位低下的意思.

The infinity that can be conceived is not theeverlasting Infinity.The infinity that can be described is not theperpetual Infinity.The inconceivable indescribable is the essenceof the all encompassing Infinite.Conceiving and describing applies only to

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