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overcoming英 [v'km] 美 [ovr'km] vt.战胜;克服;使受不了;(感情等)压倒vi.获胜;赢【例句】1、I realized that there is no way I can overcome it.我意识到自己没有办法战胜它.2、There will be no difficulty in the world that they cannot overcome.世界上任何困难他们都可以克服.3、We shall overcome!我们一定胜利!

overcome的现在进行时态,意思:战胜, 胜过, 克服; 得胜


overcoming adversity克服逆境例句:He knew the energy expelled in being bitter over losses could be better channeled into overcoming adversity. 他知道与其怨恨损失而耗尽精力,不如把这种精力用来克服逆境. The plot of almost every film and

overcoming obstacle(战胜障碍)I have a plan for overcoming the difficulties.I should transcend myselves before overcoming the difficulties.Discovering the shortcomings is

克服害羞是不可能的.f问题从步骤可能会有帮助.步骤1克服害羞是主要一箱心灵控制物质.如果你害怕去做它,你会得到米中畏缩不前的人当这样做.你越来与人交谈,th e容易将成为.你或许也会发现它并不像你想象的困难的年代,无论如何.只是说话人每天多一点.步骤2有时有助于试图想象你是另一个人.想想这个:你得到害羞当别人走到跟另一个吗?当然你不.把自己当成,身体其他部分,它将使它更容易一些.步骤3穿着给人留下印象.更好的你看上去,你会感觉更有信心.感觉很好你的外表可以大大阿布t减少害羞.第四步,如果你站在台上,试着想象你在别的地方.也许在你自己的舒适的客厅.告诉自己,观众是再保险的盟友没什么大不了的.他们只是人.

as yet 到目前为止,到那时为止,到现在为止是个短语 It is a part of Britain as yet largely unaccustomed to tourists.英国的这一块地方还很不为游客所熟悉.he was as yet only overcoming the last traces of the bashfulness of youth从句中主语是he 谓语是 was overcoming (是过去进行时)宾语是 the last traces of the bashfulness of youth主语是as yet 和 only

Overcoming laziness克服懒惰laziness[英]['lezns][美][ lezns]n.怠惰,懒散,徐缓; 例句:1.How has laziness cost you money? 懒惰会让你受到什么损失呢?2.Laziness also mitigates the threat from piracy. 懒散也减轻了来自盗版的威胁

There are many Obstacles,such as disabled,fail,difficulities. Some people may feel down,and lose heart to his all life;but some get through the hard times,they have made a great achievement. For overcoming Obstacles,we must believe we can overcome.We just need to try one's best.And we should not feel sad or sared.

可以,例如: Overcoming her fear is not easy for Mary at present.

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