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如果没有逗号 No sweet这个短语,意思就是“没有(不要)甜”例如:No sweet without sweat. 先苦后甜(不劳则无获) How about the sweet?No sweet, thanks. Just coffee.谢谢,不要甜食,只要咖啡.如果有逗号,No,sweet 不,甜心(宝贝)

no sweat 没有汗水 no sweat [英][n swet][美][no swt] 不费力的[地],轻易的[地],没什么; 例句:1.No sweat required. A hormone that surges during exercise may confer some of thebenefits of a workout, when levels are artificially boosted. 无需汗流浃背,当荷尔蒙水平升高时,其对人体的益处堪比运动.

no sweat adv. 不费力地例句:No sweat, I'm happy to change shifts with you if you want Friday afternoon off.没有麻烦,如果你想星期五下午休息,我很高兴同你换班.no sweat【1. 不出汗】 no sweat不出汗没什么大不了 not dealing with a full

No sweet without sweat没有汗水就没有甜蜜No sweet without sweat[英][n swi:t wiaut swet][美][no swit wat swt]pr.苦尽甘来; 例句:1.Even the laggards could clock 20% without breaking a sweat. 即使落后于高盛的银行,在这方面都可以不费吹灰之力获利20%.

Sexy No No No 歌手名:Girls Aloud 专辑名:Tangled Up Cos I've been sitting back, no chance of falling, hoping that nothing ever blows (no no) Boy, did you ever think that loving would be nothing more than walking me home? (no no) Cos I've

No sweat No sweet没有汗水,没有甜蜜双语对照例句:1.No dream can beas sweet as your skin. 没有那个梦可以像你的皮肤一样甜美..-----------------------------------如有疑问欢迎追问!满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

They learned the meaning of the saying "No sweet without sweat". 他们学到了俗语“不劳无获”的意思.no sweet without sweat 意思就是不努力就不会成功,不劳无获.

no sweat,no sweet 一分耕耘,一分收获 没有汗水,没有甜美 no sweet without sweat 【1. 先苦后甜】 51no sweet without sweat先苦后甜 52no smoke without fire无风不起浪 53nothing is hi.baidu.com - 相关搜索 【2. 没有汗水就没有甜美】 本文题目为没有汗水就没有甜美no sweet without sweat这是一个古谚简洁易懂作者围绕此 www.com10.cn - 相关搜索 no sweet without sweat.幸福来自汗水.


苦尽甘来咯 也可以说 no sweet without sweat

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