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netizen 是网民的意思,好比citizen是市民的意思. outrage 在这里的意思是: Resentful anger aroused by a violent or offensive act. 愤慨:由暴力或冒犯而引起的愤怒 这句话的意思是:网民们被激怒了.

1 really a large number 2 most of them are young people born behind reforming and opening-up policy published 3 they are very conscious about the figure of China in the world and the status quo everywhere in China. 4 they protect China with great

in addition 1000 netizens donated blood immediately 另外1000的网友捐献的血液立即 很高兴为您解答 如果你对这个答案有什么疑问,请追问

satirize [英][straz][美][straz] vt.讽刺,讥讽; 第三人称单数:satirizes过去分词:satirized现在进行时:satirizing过去式:satirized 例句:1.Netizens used it to satirize soaring garlic and food prices this winter. 网民使用它讽刺今年冬天大蒜和食品价格的飞涨.

Recently,Chinese netizens enjoy themselve on "growing and stealing crops" on the Internet.This is a game called"Happy Farms".Now more and more people are joining in the game and getting addicted. Because of this game, some players

netizen网民citizen市民 各种款式不同的游戏给网民(带来)很多娱乐.

Chinasmack is a website that explains and translates news that is popular among Chinese netizens. It provides the original text / video / pictures and then explains the meaning of the incident. It then tranlates Chinese Weibo reactions and other online reactions to English.

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