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show promise His work shows great promise.他的作品显示前途大有希望make-许诺 break-不守承诺 keep-信守承诺

intellectual promise:知识分子的希望;脑力劳动者的希望注释:intellectual:n.知识分子;脑力劳动者;promise:n.许诺;希望,指望;请采纳,谢谢支持!

歌曲名:perspektive歌手:Laibach专辑:rekapitulacija 1980-84(Perspektiven / Perspectives)Laibach takes over an organisational system of work, after the model ofindustrial production and totalitarism, collective spirit, identificationwith ideology,

show the least intellectual promise显示最不理智的诺言Hofstadter says our country's educational system is in the grips of people who “ joyfully and militantly proclaim their hostility to intellect and their eagerness to identify with children who show the

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