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They all mean the desire or wish to see another experience pain, injury, or distress. 它们指渴望或希望见到别人经受痛苦、伤害或压抑.malevolence It suggests a bitter persistent hatred and may suggest inherent evil that is likely to be expressed in

建议看这两个词的英英结束malignancy更倾向恶性肿瘤这种疾病上的恶意吧而malignance更倾向恶性 恶意事件吧(个人认为)malignance:1(medicine) a malignant state; progressive and resistant to treatment and tending to cause death同义

出自培根的《论善》又《论善良》 Of Goodness and Goodness of Nature 全文: I TAKE goodness in this sense, the affecting of the weal of men, which is that the Grecians call philanthropia; and the word humanity (as it is used) is a little too light to

词根:malice- n. 恶意, 蓄意害人/'mls/衍生词:adj.malicious 恶意的;恶毒的;蓄意的;怀恨的malignant [医] 恶性的;有害的;有恶意的malevolent 恶毒的;有恶意的;坏心肠的adv.maliciously 有敌意地,恶意地malevolently 恶意地;伤害地malignantly 怀恶意n.malignant 保王党员;怀恶意的人malignancy 恶性(肿瘤等);恶意malevolence 恶意,怨恨;狠毒maliciousness 恶意malignity 恶意;怨恨;狠毒

非常的多,以下为各种金属分类及代表乐队1、黑金属AbigailAbsolute of MalignityArkha SvaBarbatosCataplexyEndless Dismal MoanGallhammerSabbatSighTyrantWhite HellZadkiel彷徨凶音2、死亡金属324Abort MasticationAmuzaBlood Stain

1. sinister 2. wicked 3. vicious 4. evil 近义词或词组 nefariousness | wickedness | Belial | unrighteousness | improbity | malignancy | jadishness | lewdness | nowt | depravity | wrong | iniquity | maleficence | malignity | darkness | viciousness 例句与用

Chinamann.[蔑]中国人,华人复数:Chinamen 双语例句 thereal chinaman may be cunning, but there is no malignity in his cunning.真正的中国人也许狡猾,但狡猾中并无阴险.

Characters in Moby-DickThe crew-members of the Pequod are carefully drawn stylizations of human types and habits; critics have often described the crew as a "self-enclosed universe".[edit] IshmaelIn the novel's first sentence, the narrator

vicious hard venomous malignity malevolence 这些词在不同语境都有“狠”的意思.

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