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让, 使(某人[某事物])降低, 降下: lower supplies to the stranded men把给受困者的救济品放下去 lower the sails, a flag, a window 落帆 降旗 放下窗 He lowered his gun slowly. 他慢慢把枪放下. 使减低; 放低: lower the roof of a house 把

In the antialigned state the atom has a lower energy.处在反向排列状态的原子,具有较低的能量.This time, credit card users made lower estimates of about $135.这次,信用卡使用者做出了约135美元的较低估计.Falls in assets under

lower court 低级法院, 处理不重要的事higher court 高级法院,处理重要的事

The sun is getting lower and lower

You need to lower your stress to get a better result.希望我的回答对您有帮助,满意请采纳,谢谢.

lower ['l??u??] vt. 减弱,减少;放下,降下;贬低 vi. 降低;减弱;跌落 adj. 下游的;下级的;下等的 建议你在电脑上下个有道词典,超好用

low 的比较级,是“较低”的意思.造句:lower supplies to the stranded men把给受困者的救济品放下去.

photograph造句:1、The photograph agrees with the original. 照片跟原物(或本人)一模一样 2、She moves-and the photograph becomes film. 她在动,于是照片变成影片了 3、One complete circular track appears in the lower part of the

Try not to hit the curb when you parking your car.停车的时候别撞上路牙了.We should start to curb global warming.我们要开始控制全球暖化问题.

The mountain is so low that we can climb over it easily. 这座山这么矮,我们可以很轻松地爬过去

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