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loads of 与 lots of 同义,可用来修饰可数名词或不可数名词,如 loads of rubbish (一堆堆垃圾)、 loads of grass (一垛垛的草)、loads of tourists in the buses (车队拉着的大批旅游者).

loadsof可以修饰可数和不可数.loads of [词典] 大量,许多; [例句]They sent in loads of male nurses and stuck a needle in my back 他们派来了很多男护士,在我的背上扎了一针.

loads and loads of 就是许多not all不是所有的not a good few 相当多

1、heaps of=a heap of,是大量的,许多的,修饰可数和不可数名词.如:heaps of books(time);2、 loads of=a load of=lots of=a lot of,修饰可数和不可数名词,但多用于口语中; 3、scads of只有复数形式,没有单数,修饰可数和不可数名词,在美国口语中常常使用. 三者的区别就是heaps of最为正式,loads of多用于口语中,而scads of用在美国口语中.但这三个短语都不如lots of 、a lot of常用.

装卸load是装load off是卸,此处用了三人称单数

lots of吗?既可以修饰可数名词也可以修饰不可数名词 a lot of 只能修饰可数名词

表示数量多,例如a load of firewood就是一担柴火 loads of firewood就是几担柴火的意思,是数量单位 我想补充一下,给您两个例句以便您更好地理解: The truck was carrying a load of bananas. We have to make three loads of the cargo. loads of parties during the holiday season.


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