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Let me down.让我(变得)失望(的).这个祈使句中,down是用来形容me的 所以词性是形容词.

look down:往下看let down:使……失望take down:记下,写下put down:放下sit down:坐下fall down:落下===========新年快乐哦!===========希望可以帮助你,满意的话,希望采纳,谢谢!

you know where you are with,a chemical reaction:Ok Computer (Collector S Edition)Let DownRadioheadTransport,taking off and landing,the emptiest of feelings,and when it comes it's so,don',disappointed people, I'm gonna grow wings,floor

我个人认为二者的区别不大 (1)burn down: destroy (sth.) or be destroyed by fire 烧毁 The city was burnt down by the enemy.这座城市被敌人烧毁了. A fire burnt the house down in half an hour.大火在半小时内将房子烧毁了. (2) “烧毁”的另一

日初即死.死亡黎明吧..一会给你翻译,我先打几局游戏 差点玩得忘了我的错你的“日初即死”And the tears fall like rain 眼泪像雨点般落下Down my face again 再次滴落在我的脸颊Oh the words you wouldn't say 你没有说话And the games you

let down: I felt let down by my friends. I was disappointed in them totally.let down 有被他人,或外来事件 导致你失望的含义 disappointed 是表达我自己本身的感觉,但没有说明原因.


And the tears fall like rain,[00:16.81]Down my face again,[00:19.18]Oh the words you wouldn't say,[00:23.39]And the games you played with my young foolish heart,[00:29.77]Oh I should have known this from the start,[00:37.89]Oh the winter and

就是叫:because i love youIf I got down on my knees and I pleaded with youIf I crossed a million oceans just to be with youWould you ever let me down?If I climbed the highest mountain just to hold you tightIf I said that I would love you every single

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