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leave out 遗漏,省去;不考虑有ignore的意思eg:Don't leave out the verb in the sentence?句子中不克不及省略这个动词.

leave sb./sth. out1.意思:不包括某人/某事;不提及某人/某事;离开某人/某物;远远胜过某人/某物 等.是个动词短语2.可直接用leave out表示遗漏;;省略;离开,后可加名词3.例句:we can leave out the third sentence.我们可以删去第3句.

leave out跟left out的区别:leave out是主动的,主语是行动的实施者;left out是被动的,主语是行为的承受者.leave out[英][li:v aut][美][liv at]遗漏; 省略; 未顾及; 忽略; 同义词omit例句What did you leave out? 你到底隐瞒了什么?left out[英][left aut][美][lft at]遗漏; 忽略; 例句Do you feel left out? 你有没有被抛弃的感觉?


leave out是去掉、删除,rest是剩下的、其余,all the rest是一切不重要的.意译为:其余不重要.

leave out ofv.不计从…中漏掉; 略去例句:1.Been very careful to leave out of any story, anecdote, or gossip about the town.很小心得躲过镇上的任何传说,轶事,闲话.2.What you leave out of the frame is just as important as what you leave in.你

Leave out遗漏; 省略; 未顾及; 忽略;break away from脱离(政党等),打破;简单点儿记,break away from是主观,leave out跟符合下意识,无意识的

leave out 是遗漏字、句等leave behind 是遗留、留下、抛弃带有主观色彩,比如抛弃婴儿、遗留一支笔等

handicapped adj.有生理缺陷的;弱智的"Though handicapped by poor health, he 她看见他走过来, 但装做没看到他.leave out v.省去, 遗漏, 不考虑----------------------------

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