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http://baike.baidu.com/view/1840594.htm wilderness英音:['wildnis]美音:['wldns] 以下结果由译典通提供词典解释 名词 n. 1. 荒野,荒漠;无人烟处[the s] the botanical garden has turned into a wilderness. 植物园成了一片荒野. 2. 茫茫

歌曲名:lawless歌手:Social Distortion专辑:prison bound(Mike Ness)A question of morals, black market loveSocial DistortionStreet survivors for another causeFamily traditions of another kind-Challenging politics with payoffs twice a monthToo

露西劳莱丝(英语:Lucy Lawless,1968年3月29日-)为出生于新西兰的女演员、女歌手. 劳伦斯现今最著名的代表作为电影《战士公主席娜》,并随后参演该戏剧的电视系列剧版本.除此,她也担任《蜘蛛人》、《欧洲任我行》、《恶灵空间》、《蝗虫过境》最新作品2010年上映的斯巴达克斯等演出.另外,跨足演唱界的她也出过多张歌唱专辑.

excuse for英 [ikskju:z f:] 美 [kskjuz fr] [释义]就[因]…原谅(某人) [网络]宽恕; 原谅; [例句]The government recognised there were problems in urban areas but these could never be an excuse for lawless behaviour. 政府承认市区存在问题,但决不可拿这些作为不法行为的借口.

n. 强盗

你说的是三兄弟组合Jonas Brothers 关于Nicholas Jonas(Nick Jonas) 乐队一开始是为了给Nicholas Jonas制作一张个人专辑的.当Nick6岁的时候,他在理发店里理发的时候唱歌而被发现的并且还被推荐给一个专业的娱乐行业经理 .在Nick7岁的时

body ['bd] n. 身体;主体;大量;团体;主要部分vt. 赋以形体The largest organ in the body is the liver.体内最大的器官是肝脏.

总之: [ zǒng zhī ] 1. in a word2. in short3. in brief其它相关解释: <in few> <make a long story short> <to sum up> <anyway> <anyhow> <the ling and the short of it> <in general> <on all accounts> <in the final analysis> <in a few words> <in amount

lawless (无法无天,也可以理解成伤天害理)

Human and Nature Nature, the environment which human beings live by, is magnificent and unique. There si only one earth with super living conditions in the universe. We should have cherished nature and preserved it. Conversely, however, we

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