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just give me a reason

不一定It's not a very grand house, just a little cottage(可数名词,little作小讲). 那不是深宅大院, 只不过是个小农舍.I wonder if you aren't just a little worried(形容词). 我想知道你是否很担心. Just a little harder(副词比较级). 再加一把劲I was just a little carried away (分词)by success. 我有点被胜利冲昏了头脑.

just few, just little :都表示否定意义,即几乎没有,但区别在于just few用于可数名词的否定.而just little 用于不可数名词的否定. just a few与 just a little:都表示肯定意义,即有一点一些,区别与上面一样,前者用于可数,后者不可数. 而only 的用法

the show兰卡(lenka)http://www.google.cn/music/song?id=s86d3b871ac6550cc&rview=share

just 与 only相同点:都可以有“只是”的意思如:He is only a six-year old boy. 他只是个6岁的孩子. You are just another boy in my life.(You are not my prince charming.) 你只是我生命中的又一个男孩而已.(而非我的白马王子.)不同点:just

just a little的汉语意思是只是有一点.例如She's just a little girl汉语意思是她只是一个小女孩.Just a little too long? 翻译成只是有点太久了?Can you give me a clue? Just a little one? 翻译成你可以给我个线索吗?一个就好?Just a little. that's

the show 是lenka 的.我的手机铃声就是它,hohoho.i'm just a little bit caught in the middle life is a maze, and love is a riddle i don't know where to go can't do it alone i've tried, but i don't know why slow it down, make it stop or else my heart

just one last dance ---sarah connor 就这个啦 呵呵

only与just的用法与区别 答:这两个词作副词表示 “仅、只”可以换用,并且都放在它们所修饰的成分之前. 如: instead of answering,she only/just smiled. 她没有作答,只是微笑而已. she's come here just/only to see you. 她来这里只是为了看你. 作形容词时, only表示“仅有的”;just意为“公正的”.如: a just man 光明正大的人 they were the only people who had the keys. 只有他们有钥匙.

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