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when we tired of studying, what should we do? Too heavy to study as a rock let us go, when we tired, we may be appropriate to relax. at the insipidity of the calculated, we can open the window and see the beautiful natural scenery and a merry 小曲

枯燥的,无生气的;乏味的 1. 没有味道的insinuative 讽刺的insipid 没有味道的insipidity 枯燥无味 www.soudoc.com - 相关搜索2. 无味的insomnia失眠症insipid无味的inspissated浓缩的 www.37c.com.cn - 相关搜索3. 枯燥乏味的1.

清淡_有道词典 清淡 morally lofty;light;mild;slack;weak更多释义>> [网络短语] 清淡 Bland;light;insipidity 清淡饮料 chaser;Cooler 清淡餐 BLML

跟我一起的生活就是那么枯燥无味 英文翻(1) It is so boring to live with me .(2) It is so dull to spend life with me (3) Living with me is of great insipidity .(4) To live with me is as dry as dust(5) Living with me is as dull as ditch water(6) The life where

The golden week is parted from National Day three festival continuous festival seven days each for Spring Festival , Labor Day pointing to PRC within the territory taking holiday, relative to other general holiday vacation ", the golden week " is

If this book became traditional universal of the literature of an always current power, it is above all because of the character eponyme. Emma Bovary is a romantic heroin of a rare size and a modernite for the time. She is one of these hearts which

not bitter not tired, three tasteless; don't spell not beat, the life in vain

Excellent performance has the advantages of the environmental safetyDME is avirulent insipidity gas, its own oxygen, its composition DME of 34.8% accounted for. Components of a single, carbon chain short, with excellent combustion

Statistics is a common and practicable tool in daily life while probability is a statistics-based subject aiming at solving mathematic problems by effective analysis of data. As the evolvement of eras and the continuous advance of all-around-

2. In a small town of st petersburg, have a very naughty, but a good boy, tom, he hates school for the insipidity of the life, hoping that can and the like the exciting life. one day, tom and huckleberry had left home and went to a desert island, a few days

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