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infinity 释义:e799bee5baa6e79fa5e98193e4b893e5b19e31333431356132 n.无限;无穷;无限远的点;无穷远;无穷大(的数) 一、单词音标 英 [n'fnti] 美 [n'fnti] 二、单词变形 名词复数: infinities 三、双语例句:Theoretically

Internet is very useful for us. the Internet is a GREat facility for collecting information. the loveliness of Internet is infinitude and colorful, but strengthen to manage it. We make

空中无限 或 无限天空

Is It Necessary of A College Student to Own A Computer in Dormitory? Nowadays, if you step into students' dorms, you'll find almost every college student owns a computer. Some people think it is a good means to promote study. It is very



I will die countless times in order to understand that life is endless 希望采纳 I will die again and again to prove that life is endless 希望采纳

I think it is not all bad for millde school student to search the Internet.Some students play games on line.I don't agree it at all.It has nothing to do with their s

infinite [infinit]a.无限的,无穷的,无边无际的infinitude [in'finitju:d] n. 无限, 无穷, 无量

无限这个说法太笼统, 在不同汉语句子里,应有不同的英语单词与其对应. 说某人潜力无限,可以说unlimited, 数学上的无限则是infinite, 数量无限大说法较多,如countless,numerous. 形容地域无限或思想深刻大可以说boundless,unbounded

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