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in fear 在恐惧中1The elderly live in fear of assault and murder. 老人们生活在对袭击和谋杀的恐惧之中.《柯林斯高阶英汉双解学习词典》2Hunter nodded again and gazed upwards in fear 亨特又点了点头,满眼恐惧地朝上望去.《柯林斯高阶英

fear n.害怕;忧虑.in fear 惊恐地.in fear of 为…提心吊胆.for fear of 唯恐.

in fear:feeling afraid 表示伴随(某个动作的)状态 例如:They stood there in fear and trembling.他们站在那里吓得发抖.He thought he heard something and glanced round in fear.他以为听到了什么,害怕的向周围扫了一眼.with fear:表示原因,由旦测救爻嚼诧楔超盲于恐惧而例如:He was overcome with/by fear.他感到十分害怕.

in fear of 英[in fi v] 美[n fr v] [释义] 怕…, 为…提心吊胆; [网络] 担心; 害怕; [例句]To a person, the copywriters quoted in the book stress that the process emerged because they lived in perpetual fear of losing their reader.全球一些顶尖广告文案在书中现身说法,强调文案撰稿流程的出现是因为当年他们总是时刻担心失去读者.如有帮助请采纳,如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

No fear翻译为:绝不,当然不;无畏无惧,不害怕 例句1:There is on hope, no fear for you. 对于你,这里没有希望,没有恐怖.例句2:They feel no fear, why should you? 它们不会感到害怕,为什麽你要?fear的用法1、释义 n. 害怕;恐惧;敬畏

for fear of/that 表示“由于害怕;惟恐,以免”of后接动名词,that后接从句用虚拟语气 Put on a coat for fear of catching a cold. 穿上外衣以免感冒. The weather in London is so changable that people always bring their umbrella with them for fear of

afraid 意思是怕,害怕.它是形容词,通常与to be连用,可以广泛地用以表示害怕心理.例如: don't be afraid. 不要害怕. we are not afraid of difficulties. 我们不怕困难. that is what i was afraid of. 我所怕者就在于此. i was afraid of hurting his

in fear 英[in fi] 美[n fr] [词典] [法] 唯恐; [例句]The elderly live in fear of assault and murder. 老人们生活在对袭击和*杀的恐惧之中.

in fear of[英][in fi v][美][n fr v]怕…, 为…提心吊胆; 例句:When I worked in colombia I would regularly talk to communities living infear of displacement by oil/ banana/ african palm companies. 我在过伦比亚工作时,我常常跟那些害怕石油、香蕉、非洲棕榈公司驱逐的群体交流.

in fear of 就是害怕的意思We are in fear of more rain. 我们担心再下雨.没有in fears of的说法.希望对你有帮助~

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