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be hailed as 被认作;称作;列为It's been hailed as the next business frontier.它已被人们称作生意场的下一个前沿.Recently,another Kyushu resident was hailed as the world's oldest man.最近,一位名叫友吉中元寺的九州岛老人被列为世界上最长寿的男人.

译为: 欢呼望采纳~

赫拉克利德斯彭提乌斯( Heraclides Ponticus)(公元前四世纪),他是柏拉图的弟子,后来成了亚里土多德的密友.Heraclides Ponticus (387 - 312 BCE), also known as Heraklides, was a Greek philosopher who lived and died at Heraclea,

off prep.离开;脱落 adv.切断;走开 adj.远离的;空闲的关闭等意思 out of(固定短语)1.自离开 2.从(数个)里 3.由于(原因,动机) 4.用(材料) 5.脱离了(状态) 6.缺少,用光,卖完7.超越(某范围) 8.得自(来源) ;日常熟用:从

My Most Unforgettable Experience One day on my way to school, I ran across a traffic accident, in which a boy was seriously injured by a motorcycle. I rushed to his rescue instinctively. I lifted him in my arms and hailed a taxi, which took us quickly to

hail 英 [hel] 美 [hel] n. 冰雹;致敬;招呼;一阵 vt. 致敬;招呼;向欢呼;猛发;使像下雹样落下(过去式hailed,过去分词hailed,现在分词hailing,第三人称单数hails) int. 万岁;欢迎 vi. 招呼;下雹 n. (Hail)人名;(阿拉伯、捷)海尔

find + 名词 (sb /sth) 发现 【例】find a car find + sb + sth 为某人找到某物 【例句】 I wonder if you could find me a deck of cards?find + sb + doing sth /find + sth + Ved 发现…处于某种状态;遇见;碰见 【例句1】They found her walking alone

我记得是fail to do sth,be failed in doing

English is being treated as a world language because of its vastpresence all over the As majority of the students are hailed from rural areas, bilingual method is adopted in

应该是failed to launch help,意思是启动帮助失败.你是不是有时候会按到F1键?如果没有,那么就要看看是不是启动项和服务项中有开机自启的项目,禁止其开机自启即可.

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