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guess这个字可以接介系词at,也可以不加,区别如下:一、guess这个字加介系词at,表示猜的动作,猜想某件事物是怎样发生的,但不一定猜对,如:The suit was faultless: Wood guessed that he was a very successful publisher or a banker.西

我想天快下雨了; My guess is that.,更重在表达心里的意愿, “以为; I thought to find you in the library1. guess偏重“猜对,猜中” guess a riddle猜中谜语, 也可以跟宾语从句;2: I can't even guess at what you mean. 我猜不着你的意思;3.

guess at 英[es t] 美[s t] [词典] 猜想; [例句]You can only guess at what mental suffering they endure你只能猜测他们忍受着多大的精神痛苦.

1.guess偏重“猜对,猜中”guess a riddle猜中谜语;2.guess at“推测”guess at a riddle猜谜,也可以跟宾语从句:I can't even guess at what you mean.我猜不着你的意思

guess at猜测;估计

guess sth猜想某事双语例句Judge or guess that sth has the specified meaning or intention; interpret sth as sth断定或猜想某事物的意义或意图;解释某事物

Hurryv.(使)赶紧, (使)匆忙, 加速n.匆忙, 仓促guessvt.猜测, 推测, 猜中, 猜对, 想, 认为vi.猜, 推测n.猜测, 推测

vt. 猜测;认为;推测;猜中vi. 猜;推测;猜中n. 猜测;推测n. (Guess)人名;(英)格斯;(德)居斯音标:英式[es] 美式 [es] 【用作动词例句】1、I guess he was wrong.我想他错了.2、We could only guess at her motives.我们只能猜测她的动

1.stared at盯着看 Crusoe stared at the footprint,full of fear.克鲁索盯着脚印看,满心恐惧. 2.glare at怒目注视 The father glared at the naughty boy.父亲怒视着那个淘气的男孩. 3.look at看着,望着 As he looked at it,the goat rolled over and died.正

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