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grammatical mistakes文法错误例句1.Everybody in the class except Li Ming thinks that the composition can get a high mark except for some spelling and grammatical mistakes.班里除了李明都认为这篇作文除了一些拼写和语法错误之外,可以获得

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Open class words----content words of a language to which we can regularly add new words, such as nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs Closed class words----grammatical or functional words, such as conjunction, articles, preposition and pronouns


grammatical structure[英][grmtkl strkt][美][rmtkl strkt]语法结构; 例句:1.I would like workers, farmers learn, they do not understand the chineseancient chinese, did not understand the grammatical structure.

predicate-object 读音:(1)英 [p'redkt'bdekt];(2)美 [p'redkt'bdekt] 释义:常用度分布图海词统计.predicate-object的用法和样例:(1)preparative predicate object verb 准谓宾动词 Can we predicate of a dog that it has a soul

词缀按其功能可以分为派生词缀和屈折词缀.一、派生词缀 含义:派生词缀是加在词干上构成新词的词缀.这种构成新词的方法叫派生法,所构成的词叫派生词.派生词缀又根据在单词中的位置分为前缀和后缀两类.前缀出现在单词的前边.

Our English teacher always ask us to take many grammatical notes in class.

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