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ashamed 是adj 形容词- you should be ashamed of yourself- his manners made me ashamed of him- i'm ashamed to tell my parents that i failed the test.shamed 是shame作为动词的用法,过去式- 使.某人.感到羞耻 i tried to shame him into giving some away.- 带来耻辱 the entire incident has shamed our community.祝您生活愉快,望采纳

awayaway英 ['we]away美 [we]adv. 离去,离开;在远处更多释义>>[网络短语]away 离开,客场,客队run away 逃跑,逃走,跑开die away 减弱,变弱,逐渐平息

⑴The couple seated in a restaurant seemed to be having a wonderful time.But as the woman glanced away from the table,their water suddenly rushed over. "Madam,look,"he said."Your husband just slid under the table." "NO,he didn't,"she

[图文] Keep your five dollars. It's my 18_ . Don't work too hard. I love you." His 19 met mine, then glanced away in the direction of his waiting tools, he 20 his throat(喉咙, 嗓子) and said, "Oh, and… ( )

glance表示“擦过”,多指未成功的“刺,击,砍”所造成的从身边擦过,例如:The sword glanced off the shield.剑擦盾而过 scrape的基本意思是“刮”“擦”,指用有锋刃的工具从物体的表面刮某物,常强调其目的,如擦掉污渍、漆皮、使

moumoon - Do you remember (有英文版本和日文版本) 英文版歌词:Do you remember?Love had begun on the way home You held My small hand I remember I want you to hold my hand again tomorrow So I want to believe That this warmth will

glance through 浏览; 匆匆看一遍, (强调从头到尾进行浏览和阅读整个内容)1.He glanced through the manuscript. 他把稿子粗略地看了一遍.2. Would you care to glance through it? 你要不要看一下? 3. A glance through the window offers a

fans是英文单词'fan'的复数形式,fan 的英文原意是狂热者、爱好者,现在主要用来指某个人或者某种事物的粉丝崇拜者.通俗些,也就是歌迷啊、影迷啊、球迷啊等等.Fan在英汉词典中的解释fan[fAn]n.扇子,鼓风机,风扇,迷,狂热者, 爱好者(粉丝)vt.煽动, 刺激, 扇, 吹拂vi.飘动,成扇形散开粉丝

Each person's life will experience many things, some lead a person to endless aftertastes, some bitter to swallow; some have long forgotten, some fresh.It is in the fourth grade when an experience.One day, I forgot to bring my book, for me, all the

歌名:I Remember 歌手: mocca 所属专辑:《My Diary》歌词:I Remember 演唱:mocca I remember the way you glance at me yes I remember I remember when we caught a shooting star yes I remember I remember all the things that we shared

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