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thinner ['θin] n. 稀释剂,冲淡剂adj. 薄的;瘦的;细的thinneradj.thin的变形thinner1 ['θin] n.1. 稀释剂,冲淡剂;(涂料等的)稀料2. 稀释(或冲淡)…的人3. 间苗工;间苗器thinner2 ['θin] adj.thin的比较级thin [θin] adj.1. 薄的2. 细的3. 瘦的

流过的英文:run over;Time flows through


Events to heart flow, like a thorn in the in the mind to endure pain

雨的很专业,但是翻译过来还是要注意一下旋律什么的.<Happy Birthday To Me>《祝我生日快乐》I know that sorrow dosen't make any diffrences我知道伤心不能改变什么Then let me be more honest那么让我诚实一点Sometimes I can't help to


In the eyes of her students, winter break is the happiest holiday of the year, it seems the leaves, gently floating to walk out, and it is also deemed to stream flow past blink of an eye, in this short time, I had a "stormy" and there have been "calm",

The river (flowed) past our town in the past

句子,一个单词拼写错误:flowering 尽管(花儿)曾经开放过,但凋谢已成定局

在远方的时候In the far away“又想你到泪流” And I miss you so这矫情的措辞结构This hypocritical phrase structure经历过的人会懂Experienced people can understand那些不堪言的疼痛The unspeakable pain也就是我自作自受 I reap the fruits of

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