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gent 和 gentler的区别具体如下: gent英 [dent] 美 [dnt] n.绅士;先生;男子;男厕所 adj.优美的;雅致的 例句: Mr Blake was a gent. He knew how to behave. 布莱克先生是位绅士,举止得体.

walk up [英][w:k p][美][wk p] 向上走; <非正>请进; 沿…走去; 例句: 1. You can walk up the steps. 你可以走上这些台阶. 2. You walk up to her and pour her a drink. 你走到她和她倒饮料.

Teeth are important.Strong,healthy teeth help you chew foods that 辛苦啊,牙齿很重要.强壮,健康的牙齿能帮

歌曲名:Flossing歌手:Wayne Marshall & Baby G专辑:VolumeMike Jones, JonesMike Jones, JonesI stay flossing in that candy paintBlowin dankSippin drank on 84 swangersTearin up the lane, tearin up the laaaaaaaaneI stay flossing in that

direct connection的意思direct connection[英][direkt knekn][美][drkt knkn]直接联结; 直通; 例句:双语英语1.The implication is that there is a direct connection between leveraged households and slow recovery. 它所

My father, seventy-eight, is a methodical man. For thirty-nine years, he has had the same job, cataloguing books for a university library. He drinks two glasses of water first thing in the morning, walks for an hour every day, and devotes almost as much

意思是在所有服装接缝的地方都要有薄棉,通常为1-2cm宽,这样服装缝子处才饱满,因为服装一绗缝的话 在接缝处显得特别平~

1.once daily,可以翻译为每天一次.

One big room full of bad bitches x4 一个大屋子 里面满是坏妞 And we stunting like 我们要炫就要选 Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada 古驰古驰 路易路易威登 芬迪芬迪 普拉达(The)Basic bitches wear that shit so I don't even bother x3

这首歌是Buddy Holly的True Love Ways,来自专辑《The Best Buddy Holly True Love Ways》.歌词如下:Just you know why只有你知道为何why you and I为什么是你和我will by and by我们马上就要know true love ways懂得真爱之道Sometimes we

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