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firsthand英 [ 'f:st'hnd ] 美 [ 'f:st'hnd ] adj.& adv.(得自)直接来源的[地]; 第一手的[地]; 亲身; 原始 1.School trips give children firsthand experience not available in the classroom. 学校组织的出游能让孩子们获得在课堂上得不到的亲身体

你好!care for关心,照顾如有疑问,请追问.

iMODEL! 模特演员Gain firsthand experience as a model that will give you the edge to succeed in the highly competitive model and fashion industry. Winners will receive cash awards and the chance to perform in the final night showcase fashion

你好!不是poverty firsthand,而是sawfirsthand.意思是获得了贫困和劳作的第一手材料(自己亲自看到的,不是通过别人转述)希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

a sense of authority 权威感a sense of humor 幽默感a sense of direction 方向感a sense of security 安全感a sense of responsibility 责任感

firsthand experience第一手的经验双语对照例句:1.Junior managers also should be included in critical task forces so they garner firsthand experience in the process of managing big issues. 企业还要把年轻管理者纳入到从事重要项目的团队之中,让他们在处理重大问题的过程中逐步积累第一手的经验和体会.

a proverb goes 是正确as a proverb goes英语翻译成中文:俗话说,常言说得好,常 means that secondhand experience is less reliable than firsthand experience,which is

Unraveling Plagiarism in China揭开中国考场舞弊的面纱Prominent cases of evolutionary biology at Yale University,witnessed this phenomenon firsthand while teaching at

不是poverty firsthand,而是sawfirsthand.意思是获得了贫困和劳作的第一手材料(自己亲自看到的,不是通过别人转述)

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