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FirE oFF造句

升火 发射 熄火

满意回答 你好:put off 推迟 ; 阻止 You cannot put off this decision 你不能阻止这个决定 If you put something off, you delay doing it 如果你推迟某件事 , 也就是说你要延迟处理了

1、Small fire, too, but put out.起了小火,很快就熄灭了.2、We need some charcoal for the fire.我们需要一些生火的木炭.3、What exactly is fire?火到底是什么呢?4、别玩火 Don't play with fire5、我在生火做饭 I cook in the fire

set off 出发,启程 (= set out;set forth) One afternoon she set out from the coast in a small boat and was caught in a storm. "一天下午,她乘坐小船从海岸出发,遇到了一场暴风雨." The children set off for school. 孩子们上学去了. 使爆 炸,

go off 英 [u f] 美 [o f] 进行; 爆炸; 突然大作; 停止运转1. The street lights come on at dusk and go off at dawn. 路灯在黄昏时开,拂晓时关.来自《简明英汉词典》2. He pulled the trigger but the gun didn't go off. 他打了一枪,没有发火.

burn off 烧尽eg:We are going to burn off the waste paper. 我们准备把废纸烧掉They play to have fun, be with friends, and burn off energy. 他们和朋友们一起消耗着精力为乐趣而玩.

1. He panicked and ran five blocks to the local fire station. 他惊慌失措,跑了五个路口到当地的消防队.2. The new fire station is big. 新消防站很大.3. There is a fire station on Chung - Shan North Road. 中山北路上有一个消防队驻所.4. We see a fire

i will take off the data i don't need 我会删除我不需要的资料

After the rain,I take off the raincoat.(雨过之后,我把雨衣脱掉了)The plane is taking off.(飞机正在起飞)

危险的. 是形容词.DANGER才是名词 危险

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