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首先,这两个都是形容词,在“凶猛的”意义上,二者等同 但它们还有各自不同的意思 ferocious:残忍的 vicious:恶意的;剧烈的

ferocious表示的是凶猛的,凶残的,如ferocious beast 凶猛的野兽 ferocious storm特大风暴 ferocious attack 猛烈的进攻而atrocious主要表示极其恶劣的,比如天气.它的名字atrocity有残暴、暴行的含义,比如说commit atrocities在战争期间犯下暴行之类的

1.barbarous ['b:brs] adj.1) 野蛮人特性的;原始的,野蛮的,不文明的,未开化的2) 无文化的;无修养的,缺乏修养的,粗鲁的,粗野的,粗俗的3) 残暴的,残忍的,无人性的,禽兽般的,丧尽天良的eg:Those immigrants were

To "have a loolee" means to "have a tantrum"; when you get in such a mood that you are physically ferocious with anger.Hey, when you're finished having a loolee, we can start talking again.放在句中好象不通顺啊.

还可以形容猛兽.The ferocious chieftain was executed.那个凶残的匪首被处决了.I could catch the glare of their ferocious eyes.我连它们那残忍的眼睛中的灼灼目光都看清楚了.The oncoming force of the typhoon

ferocious比cruel更为暴力,伤害更大ferocious===marked by extreme and violent energy同义词:fierce,furious,savagecruel===(of persons or their actions) able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering同义词:barbarous,brutal,fell,roughshod,savage,vicious

可以有很多种答案,比如it's so huge!或者it's so ferocious !或者It's eating a fox!再看看别人怎么说的.

凶猛有两个单词:ferocity and fierceness

Everybodybritney spearsEverybody, everybody's looking for somethingI'm ferociousWhen I see you instantlySo precociousAssuming that your into meSo fierce the wayYou pierce me with your energyMy heart's on fireBoy come on and rescue

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