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farming ['f:mi] n. 农业,耕作v. 耕种;出租(farm的ing形式).或:farming ['f:mi]n.农业(经营),农事,农作;饲养,养畜业,养殖,耕作企业等的出租;税收的承包(房地产经纪人)兜售生意,游说adj.(为)农业的;务农的;耕种的

范围不同咯 后者范围更大一点farming是指耕作 是种植业 就是脸超黄土背朝天的那种agriculture是农业 范围就广多了 农林牧付渔都在里面~

farming 农事,耕作;饲养(家禽);(租税等的)包收 偏向于 指农耕这方面 agriculture农业;农耕;农业生产;农学 指整个农业,比如agricultural bank of china 中国农业银行

主要是农业方面的简介,分了若干个目录 IntroductionPrint this sectionAgriculture, art, science, and industry of managing the growth of plants and animals for human use. In a broad sense agriculture includes cultivation of the soil, growing and

farming[英][f:mi][美][frm]n.农事,耕作; 饲养(家禽); (租税等的)包收; v.耕种,出租(farm的ing形式);

它的意思是 农作.

Now more and more people like to play online farming. It is good for relaxing and it can help people know more about all kinds of plants. When they are getting in the vegetables and fruit, they are happy and they forget all their worries. But every coin

agriculture 英[grklt(r)] 美[rklt] n. 农业;农耕;农业生产;农学 [例句]How can urban form drive agriculture , water , and energy?城市形态如何推动了农业、水和能源?

farming 英[f:m] 美[f:rm] n. 农事,耕作; 饲养(家禽); (租税等的) 包收; v. 耕种,出租(farm的ing形式); [例句]Traditional slash and burn farming methods have exhausted the soil. 传统的刀耕火种农业方式耗尽了土地的肥力. [其他] 原型: farm

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