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trivium: [ 'trivim ] n. 三学科 英英解释: 名词trivium: 1. (Middle Ages) an introductory curriculum at a medieval university involving grammar and logic and rhetoric; considered to be a triple way to eloquence

Eloquence 口才、雄辩.

electronic 它是electronics(电子学)的形容词,指与电子装置有关的或使用电子装置的. 这种装置一般有许多小部件,尤其是微芯片和晶体管,用其控制装置的电流. electronic calculator(电子计算机) electrical用电的,与电有关的. 强调与电的关系是间接的.物体本身不带电. electrical engineering(电气工程) electric 电的;带电的. 强调与电有直接的关系.物体本身可带电.electric fan(电扇) electronical个人觉得和electronic是一样的. 只是这个词不太正式 ,一般用electronic多一点.

【意义】在方面有福气;幸运地享有(使享有)【例句】1.to be blessed with eloquence 有口才2.I hope she will always be blessed with good health.我希望她永远健康.3.

hinder, hamper, impede, obstruct, block, dam, bar These verbs mean to slow or prevent progress or movement. To 这些动词的意思是使进程、动作变得缓慢或困难.hinder is to hold back, as by delaying: Hinder 的意思是通过延迟的方法加以妨碍

electric源自拉丁词electrum 琥珀.最初,电是摩擦琥珀而产生的[I5lektrIk]adj电的,用电的,发电的an electric spark 电火花an electric cooker 电炊具 This heavy freighter is driven by two electric motors.这辆重型运输汽车是由两台电动机驱动的.电

1. electric 为“发电的,导电的,用电的,带电的,由电产生的”,指任何电动的或发电的装置,被修饰的物体本身可带电.如: electric light, electric stove, electric piano, electric motor, electric bell.又如: Please connect the two electric wires.

against的意思是“反对”,所以be against doing something的意思就是“反对做某事”. 用against的例句如下: There are 26 votes for him and 8 against him.有26票赞成他,8票反对他.We sailed against the wind.我们逆风航行.It's against

Every person has his own ideal job. Some people wish to be doctors, while others want to be teachers and so on. As far as I am concerned, I have been dreaming of being a guide for a long time. First, my major is the manage of tourism, so I want to

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