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句子结构可以划分为这样:importance 为主语,successful 和 of your reading 是主语的定语,谓语是depends on ,宾语为your eagerness to improve 和your willingness to practice两个并列的名词短语. 原文好像有些不通,是不是应该important 变为improvement? 可以译为: 阅读的提高在于你是否迫切的希望提高并愿意做大量练习.

hop the stick离开 hop the perch 死 hop the stick 突然离开 hop to it 开始干 step by step一步一步地,循序渐进地 in/out of step步调(不)一致地 mind/watch one's step小心地走 take steps to do sth采取措施作某事 http://iask.sina.com.cn/b/

show promise His work shows great promise.他的作品显示前途大有希望make-许诺 break-不守承诺 keep-信守承诺

1. lean 2. tight 3. thin 近义词或词组 lankness | meagreness | meagerness | thinness | waste | thinly | leanness 例句与用法 1. 尽管他很瘦,他的消化能力挺好. Although he is thin, he has good digestive power. 2. 这个小女孩只吃瘦肉. The little

motivation 发音:/ mt've n mt've n ; motven / 英 / mt've n / 释义:eagerness and willingness to do something without needing to be told or forced to do it 动力,积极性,动机.例如:Jack is an intelligent pupil, but he lacks motivation.杰克是一个很聪明的学生,但学习不够主动.


Horme (Ancient Greek: ρμ) is the Greek spirit personifying energetic activity, impulse or effort (to do a thing), eagerness, setting oneself in motion, and starting an action, and particularly onrush in battle. She had an altar at Athens, where mainly


[图文] C. s of the world, man has not realized that the third of these services is the most important. In his eagerness to draw quick profit from the trees, he has cut them down in larg e numbers, only to find

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