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discussion 英[dskn] 美[dskn] n. 讨论,谈论;详述,论述 名词复数:discussions [例句]We welcome the feedback and discussion.我们欢迎反馈意见和讨论.

Finds 是动词find的第三人称单数,意为发现;而discussions是discussion名词复数,意为讨论.建议以后提问提供上下文

There are two main styles of teaching in university nowadays which are Lectures and Disccusions. A lecture consists of usually one lecturer and a large group of students. The lecturer can make use of various multi media tools such as projector which

社会无差异曲线(community indifference curves) 社会无差异曲线,是表明一个国家或 经济 体保持等量的国民消费水平 或 福利 水平的两种 商品 的各种 消费量 组合的点的轨迹. 或者说它是显示 社会福利 水平为一常数的各种消费选择. 社会无差异曲线的方程为:

pre-review discussions 预先审查的讨论

discussions and closures意思:讨论结束词汇解释discussions 英 [ds'knz] 美 [ds'knz] n.商讨;论述;讨论( discussion的名词复数 );详述例句:We entered into meaningful discussions with them weeks ago 几周前,我们和他们进行了意义深远的讨论.closuresn.倒闭;(永久的)停业( closure的名词复数 );结束;(路或桥的)暂时封闭例句:They are arguing against hospital closures 他们据理反对关闭医院.

Attend lecturesna.听讲 参加讲座;上教授的课;出席讲课例句筛选1.This is the classroom where we often attend lectures.这是我们常上课的教室.2.Participants in the short-term course attend lectures, have discussions, thatsort of thing.短训班的学员听课、讨论以及进行其他类似的活动.

attention attainment performance balance management compliance entertainment government detention solution tension function motion 是不可数名词 discussion 不是不可数名词


topics n.题目,论题,话题( topic的名词复数 ) 双语例句 I recall many discussions with her on these and kindred topics. 我回想起多次同她就这些问题及类似话题进行的讨论.

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