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意思一样,区别在于一个动词机构,一个形容词机构.It differs a lot from what we've learnt from school 和在学校中学到的有很大区别.It is very different from what we've learnt from school. 中文意思同上.

differ from 、differ in 、differ on的区别是:1. differ from,与…不同;不同意(某意见或某人);差.例句:(1)Things in the world differ from each other in a thousand ways. 世界上的事物是千差万别的.(2)Your needs can differ from day to day

be different from 的动词短语形式.

differ是动词,difference是名词,different是形容词..在..方面与..不同,都可以用上面三词与in搭配.differ..in the difference is in..be different in ..

1. Man differs from beasts in that the former is able to laugh, while the latter aren't.人不同于野兽,因前者能笑,而后者却不能.2. A device that converts a property of an input signal, such as frequency or phase, into an amplitude variation,

differ 是动词: my understanding differs from yoursdifferent 是形容词: my understanding is different from yours翻译成中文意思是一样的

differ from differ的衍生词有different 表示区别,不同,不一样 所以differ from通常表示有区别的不同,且常用于两个(抽象/具体)事物间的比较 vary from vary的衍生词有various表示各种各样的事物间的不同,可比较很多事物 两者差别不是特别大

iffer是动词,different是形容词,换句话说,如下: a differ from b; a is different from b.翻译过来意思相同,都是“a和b不同” 希望能够帮到你 ,用different的话就要加be动词

没有difference from的用法,应该是difference between 例如:Young people must be taught to learn the difference between good and evil.必须教导年青人学会区分善与恶.There are many differences between living in a big city and living in the country.生活在大城市与生活在乡村有许多不同之处.

例如:wisdom differs from cunning. 智谋不同于奸诈.modern cars differ from early ones in many ways 现代汽车与早期汽车在很多方面是不同的…… differ with 是指“与……持不同意见”、“与……有分歧”.例如:he differs with the other

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