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die out 是 灭绝,绝迹,死光 的意思die away是 (声音,光等)变弱 淡化 逐渐消失

例句:Many old customs are dying out.很多古老的习俗正在消失.No one have come up with a convincing explanation of why dinosaur die out.尚未有人能对恐龙的灭绝作出一个令人信服的解释.The English of today is very different from the

百度有 die意为“死”,表示生命的结束,是不及物动词,不能用于被动语态;强调动作,是瞬间动词,不能与表示一段时间的状语连用.例如:His father died five years ago. 他父亲去世五年了.Plants and people die without water. 没有水,植

die out 死光 die of 死于疾病、饥饿、 die from 常用死于创伤、交通事故 die for:为某种目的而献身、牺牲 还有,一个die off 是逐渐死去 例句 Many of them died of starvation.The soldier died from a wound in the breast.Lots of them died for the cause of liberation.the flowers are dying off because there has been no rain.

两个都有灭绝的意思.但die out 是动词,extinction是名词,其含义比die out要丰富,extinction还有下面几种意思:名词 n.[u]1.灭绝;消灭apes are in danger of extinction 猿类正处于绝种的危险之中.2.熄灭;扑灭;破灭the extinction of one's hopes

die out英[dai aut]美[da at](指物种、家族、习惯、观念等)绝迹,消失;绝种;绝灭;淘汰[例句]Some arctic species will probably die out.一些北极的物种可能会灭绝.


你不能这样问,你应该问die out & extinct 有什么区别吧说白一点,die out就是死全extinct就是比较科学的说法,灭绝

die out指物种,家族,观念,习惯等的绝迹,消失 例句:This kind of species died out many years ago.这个物种很多年前就灭绝了.

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